Hevosen ruokinta ja hoito

Rob Krabbenborg

Product Manager

The incredible enthusiasm that we share at Pavo to do good for the horses, gives a huge energy boost. I like walking through the factory where our products are made. Thinking opportunities, instead of threats, that’s my style. For instance, we built our house ourselves, from old building materials.

Old things have a heart and a soul and you can feel this when you reuse them for a new house. I came into contact with horses as a student, when I received a ‘10-rides ticket’. After six lessons I quit, riding rounds in an indoor riding school was far too boring for me. But when someone took me along for a ride on an Icelandic horse, through nature, I was totally hooked. That was my thing. During my work at Pavo I try to make people enthusiastic about horsefeed. Apparently I radiate that enthusiasm when I am lecturing. When you hear later on that people were very happy with the contents, it is hugely satisfying.

Rob Krabbenborg

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